In addition to catering, Everett’s Bar-B-Que has been operating professional concession stands throughout the valley for four years. We are seeking reliable, hard-working and fast paced individuals.  We are customer service oriented and expect the same of our employees.

Job Description/Requirements:
Manage a concession stand with multiple types of food items.  Prep the stand with displays and stock products.  Maintain your work space keeping it clean and organized. You must be ready to serve customers at all times with a smile.  Refill products and clean inside and outside at closing.
  • Must have a current Maricopa County Food Handler Card.
  • Must be flexible.  Different events, different locations, different days and different time slots.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must have a telephone/cell number.  All scheduling is done via phone.
All employees are expected to arrive at work clean and well kept.  Pants and shoes must be kept clean at all times.  A company shirt will be provided.

NO CELL PHONE allowed during your shift except for break and/or lunch time.

Work 2 hours, get a 10 minute break.   
Work 4 hours, get a 30 minute lunch break.
Work 2 additional hours, get another 10 minute break.
During lunch, you may have a free meal and a drink prepared by another employee/staff. If you work LESS THAN 4 HOURS, you may purchase any menu item for half price.
Depending on the business needs, the schedule for breaks and lunches may be altered. 

You ARE allowed to use your cell phone and smoke during breaks and lunches.  

Here is an example for an 8 hour shift working 9a-5p:
   Break 11am-11:10am
   Lunch 1pm-1:30pm
   Break 3:30pm-3:40pm

Pay:  $10 per hour plus tips.

If you meet these requirements and would like to apply, please email your resume to and include your contact information.  Thank you.