My name is Darvell Everett and I'm the owner of Everett's Bar-Que located in Chandler ,Arizona. I'm looking to be part of your next event  as a food vendor or caterer.

Everett's Bar-Que is not new to the valley. The business actually began as Bar-B-Que by Tommy in 1987; however, it did not last long due to the unfortunate death of Tommy (my dad).
In 1996, my mother and I decided to reopen the business . This time around, the name would be Everett's Bar-B-Que because the "whole family" was involved.  

Everett's Bar-B-Que was a small, four table, spotless little restaurant located in Mesa, Arizona. 

We specialized in smoked ribs,beef, pork, chicken and hotlinks.

The business was closed in August 1999 due to personal family reasons.

Everett's Bar-B-Que is BACK!  This time around our focus will be on catering, local deliveries and fairs and festivals around the state.